Hi everyone.
I’m writing this using Fred and I’m sat in the cottage in the IOW.
I am missing home but I want to stay longer than two weeks. It’s so nice here and such a slower pace of life… if you ignore the roads.
I love where we are because there’s hardly any street lighting. It’s not till you go somewhere without a street lamp outside your window, you realise how much it effects your sleep. I drop right away as soon as I hit the pillow here.
I also love the amount of craft shops this place has. I’m so in my element!!

I’ve been to a few places already. I’ve joined English heritage. I’ve actually missed driving. I’ve spent so much money. I’ve yet to have a phonecall from work.(Woop) Ive taken tons of photos. I’ve almost completed lego harry potter on the ds. I’ve found the best shop ever. And I’ve still got tons to do…

I’ve added Isle of Wight to the list of possible places I want to move to if I can.

Anyway. Time to do something else.
Bye bye lovelies.