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Things that creep me out…

  • people who shave their eyebrows off then draw them on.
  • buses around me when I’m driving.
  • Woodlice.

more to come…


Greetings from the Isle of Wight

Hi everyone.
I’m writing this using Fred and I’m sat in the cottage in the IOW.
I am missing home but I want to stay longer than two weeks. It’s so nice here and such a slower pace of life… if you ignore the roads.
I love where we are because there’s hardly any street lighting. It’s not till you go somewhere without a street lamp outside your window, you realise how much it effects your sleep. I drop right away as soon as I hit the pillow here.
I also love the amount of craft shops this place has. I’m so in my element!!

I’ve been to a few places already. I’ve joined English heritage. I’ve actually missed driving. I’ve spent so much money. I’ve yet to have a phonecall from work.(Woop) Ive taken tons of photos. I’ve almost completed lego harry potter on the ds. I’ve found the best shop ever. And I’ve still got tons to do…

I’ve added Isle of Wight to the list of possible places I want to move to if I can.

Anyway. Time to do something else.
Bye bye lovelies.

Guess what!!

I passed my driving test today! :D:D:D

I had 13 faults, but it was all stuff that happened due to nerves!! Now I’m passed, I can get on with ironing things out!!

Failed my test.

Only 6 minors! Had two serious’s though. Hit the curb doing a parallel park and came up too quick to ONE island out of the many I had on my test.

Oh well. Next test on the 18th June!


Woke up at half 7… I couldn’t see the school across the road… so went back to bed for half an hour.

Woke up at 8 and it’s clearing up a bit but it’s still a bit dire.

Hope it goes soon/clears up more because the driving test centre might decide it’s not good weather to drive in… if they cancel, I will cry. I’m sure they won’t.
I’m glad I chose my test now, because if I’d booked back in feb when I originally wanted to, I would have been cancelled on/rescheduled so much because of the amount of snow we had and that would have drove me mad!!

At the moment, I still have a driving test. Eeeek! I’m going to try and convince my brain that it’s just like a normal driving lesson with Janet/drive with my dad so nerves hopefully won’t make me do stupid mistakes.

I will post later the results!!

Oh good news!!

I got the job!
I am officially the team leader of my store! Yay for me!
I don’t have to worry for a while.
I’m a happy happy lady.

That is all.

A lyric a day by Lukesbeard

Go To Bed

Originally uploaded by Lukes Beard

I’ve been keeping an eye on this project since its start and I must say it’s one the best “365” project I’ve seen.

It’s a simple idea of taking a lyric and making it into an visually pleasing image.

I have a few favourites, the one posted being one.
I shall make a list of my favourites so far (as it’s only on day 122).

#059 (the image to the right of this entry)

Luke is a very talented fella which this project and the rest of his flickr shows. He has some gorgeous photographs.

I’m glad I came across him, his project and his flickr because seeing his work puts a smile on my face.

Where to find Lukesbeard:

Flickr / ALAD project
Tumblr / ALAD on tumblr