Woke up at half 7… I couldn’t see the school across the road… so went back to bed for half an hour.

Woke up at 8 and it’s clearing up a bit but it’s still a bit dire.

Hope it goes soon/clears up more because the driving test centre might decide it’s not good weather to drive in… if they cancel, I will cry. I’m sure they won’t.
I’m glad I chose my test now, because if I’d booked back in feb when I originally wanted to, I would have been cancelled on/rescheduled so much because of the amount of snow we had and that would have drove me mad!!

At the moment, I still have a driving test. Eeeek! I’m going to try and convince my brain that it’s just like a normal driving lesson with Janet/drive with my dad so nerves hopefully won’t make me do stupid mistakes.

I will post later the results!!