Ok. So this morning I actually remembered the dream I had last night.

So here it goes.

I was at a fish market and I wanted some chips so was floating around the stalls trying to get some.
I was at one stall and they were battering fish and wrapping them in chips then deep frying them. One guy dropped it in the fryer but realised he still wanted it so stuck his hand in there.
I was failing at getting chips at this stall as everyone around me was being served before me. So I moved a long to the next stall where again I didn’t get served for a while. There was banter between the stall owners and the people at the stall. I was chatting to some people at the stall and they were talking about how the council spent loads on this place only to have tons of drunk people walk through it and how at they had to keep drunk people out of this place at the far end of the market which was roped off. It looked like an old building. A mix between the Greyfriars and the Back to Backs.
Then Luke (from work) and his girlfriend turn up and he wanted fish and chips as he’s been drinking and it’s a perfect drunk food.
So I went back to waiting for chips. I finally get to the front of the queue and stood next to me is my Gran and Granddad (Never met my dad’s dad). I say hi and Gran turns round and calls me Aunt Jen and then says “I can’t find my necklace” but she is wearing it which I point out to her and then she starts laughing and telling me her stories.
I got distracted and was pondering whether to buy prawns as there were a load in front of me but then I finally get served and I don’t ask for chips, I ask for four bananas. The woman on the stall says, they’re 2 for 51p and I say ok.

I got woken up by mum after that.