Hi guys.

I’ve really fallen behind on updating this haven’t I?
Anyway, I’ll update you about me.

My favourite work mate has moved stores so I’m a tad meh about that. He’s coming back to cover the managers day off this month/untill we get a new team leader. I’m actually applying for his old role at my store which is team leader and fingers crossed I get that. Still won’t be the same without him though. But this is technically a promotion for him because of his great work with us, so hopefully in 3-6 months he will have his own store, which is somewhat good for him. (Although I know he’d rather be doing other things)

I’m currently feeling like shite because I have the most awkward ulcer in existance and I can’t eat properly so I feel ill. Hopefully it will bugger off soon.

I have a new/my first car. It’s name at the moment is the “geek mobile” but I need a proper name for it. I’m thinking Sgt Pepper. You can see it by clicking here.

I have new piercing. Got the top of my ear done.

I don’t have much else to update you with so I will leave it here.

Hope you are all ok.