I was going to post this on my tumblr but even though I never get trolls, I think this might attract them. This way, when the link gets posted via the rss feed, it will more than likely only be clicked by people who actually like reading what I have to say every now and again.

Anyway, I’ve wanted to write about my beliefs for a while now, so here it is.
I will say this now, I am not religious at all. I do not pray everyday. I do not go to church/a place of worship. I’ve never understood religion completely and the way it effects our every day lives. But the fact I do not do these things, does not make what I’ve got to say/what I believe any less important than what people who do these things have to say. It’s just as important.

The basis of my beliefs is that if you boil down every single religion/faith/cult to their basic components, you get a higher power, a few displays of this higher power, a book/writings telling of the displays of higher power (granted, they were generally written years after the event) and a few prophets scattered about.

So as you’ve already worked out, I do not hang my hat up to any one religion. What I do hang it up to is a mix of beliefs taken from a lot of different religions.

My beliefs
I believe there is a higher power that influences the world around us. It is the same higher power for every religion/faith, it has just taken different forms for different people.
I believe that we are all on our own path, but like any path you walk along, if you decide to take a turn some where at some point, you’re off towards somewhere new, but it’s still your path because you are following it.
I don’t believe in heaven and hell, just a higher plane of existence you go to when you leave this world.
I believe in the idea that for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction and a believe in karma a little.
I’m not sure if I believe in reincarnation, but that is yet to be discovered.

I am guilty of saying “Oh my god/lord” and “for god’s sake” but that is because it has been stuffed into my vocabulary by the people around me and the media I follow. It has no meaning other than exclaimation/annoyance/tying not to swear. And I am not the only guilty party. Pretty much everyone does it. Occasionally I will use other versions of the sayings like “for pete’s sake”, “oh my ghouda”, “oh jeez/sheez”

I could start ranting about religious wars, but me ranting won’t change what has happened, or what will happen. I’m too small for this and my view is not widely seen. But if I was to be heard, I would not tell them that their religious views are silly or that they should become some other religion. They have to make their own choice on that and if a person didn’t have a belief system, no matter how “religious” or “scientific” it is, I think they would be a very sad person indeed so I would not tell them to forget their religions.
Religious wars have always confused me because it was a war over what someone believed in, and because someone else didn’t like it, they killed them for it. There was nothing solid to fight for. The confusion kind of stems from my belief that everyone believes in a form of the higher power, so I think, why are they fighting against each other over something that is the same. Even on a smaller scale, like  Northern Ireland, I still feel the same.

Everyone has their beliefs and I have no problem with that. It’s all down to how you interpret it. I’m glad you have something to believe/have faith in. Even Atheists have beliefs, the belief that there is no God.
What I do have a problem is though, is the use of religion and beliefs as a basis for violence against each other. Hell, we live in the same worldwide house now, get off your high horse and give your housemate a hug.
I will not preach to you my views because I do not expect you to preach them to me. I do not want to be preached to. This entry is just me, writing down my beliefs so don’t shoot me or claim I’m preaching.