Men. n. Plural of man.

I’m not sure what the anonymous wants from me when they say Men! But I will give it a go as I get to think.

Men and me
The men in my life are both the bain of my existence and also help me exist. I’ve had my fair share of shit guys who have upset me/bruised my heart and most recently broke my heart, but I’m a daddy’s girl and I seem to get on with guys a lot better than girls. I do have more male friends then female (irl that is. Online, it’s kinda 50/50 when it comes to who I get on with).
I have my best friend in Worcester who is male. We’re like siblings to be honest.
I have my little brother who is also a best friend. I grew up with 3 male cousins too. I do have a female cousin, but she is 10 years older so by the time I was interesting, she was at college and uni.
I went to an all girls school which I think played a part in my getting on with men better. I got fed up of the bitchiness most likely. (And before you shout at me, I know men can be bitchy too.) But when you’re fresh out of a girls school/practically an all girls college, having guys that are more like you than the girls you knew ever were was a welcome change.
Yes I have great female friends and a female best friend, but as I said, I seem to have more male friends if you compare the people I consider friends.

I’m struggling to get back on the horse (as one would say) when it comes to men in a more than friends thing since my ex dumped me back in June. (Yes, I know, it’s been a long time) I’ve been over him for months but I just haven’t had the guts yet to talk to guys again in the pub etc. and the only guy I’ve actually fancied is way out my league. I just need a bit of a nudge I think. I need a guy to talk to me and be nice, even if it doesn’t go anywhere major, just a bit of flirting with a stranger (irl) would be fine.
My friend keeps telling me she’ll find me a nice guy, but there never seems to be any around when we are and she also tells me she’ll find me a nice girl, but I think they’ll be just as troublesome.

Men in general
If you’re after some profound insight into the minds of men, I’m afraid I cannot give it. Some men I know are really easy to read, where as others, I really have no idea (my ex being one of them).
Sometimes, I think men don’t even know what’s going on in their heads. It does seem that most of the blood that fuels the brain gets diverted to other areas.
One of those things in life is that we’re never going to truly know what’s going on in each others minds, even if  you claim that you do. We don’t live there, we will never know. We just have to guess and hope for the best.

Anyway, that’s all I can say about men without sounding like a bitter spinster.


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