Ok. So occasionally I shall be asking my tumblr followers for topics.
Aspicio got a bit carried away and gave me a bit to write about, so here it goes?

Let me think of a few I know of. “Fancy a cuppa?” “yer know what I mean?” “Bleeding hell” “put the kettle on” “where’s the fucking bus?!!” Thinking of britishisms is hard. So I will leave it at that.
I might conduct a survey among my friends and do a separate post for this.

English pub culture:
Ok. Pub culture is different depending on where you go. In my view of the world you have different type of pubs, student pubs, old man pubs, “are you local?” pubs, “gay scene” pubs and your “‘spoons” style pub.
Student pubs: where all the students go, normally found near universities. Full of drunken students who like to take part in pub quizzes, karaoke, dressing up nights and club initiations.
Old man pubs: The pubs which seem stuck in the 50’s or something and consist of the older men who only drink “real ale”.
“Are you local?” pubs are the ones that tend to be in villages but are in cities to, where, as you as you walk in (if you’ve never been there before), you get stared down by everyone in there.
“Gay scene” pubs are what they say on the tin.
“Spoons” style pubs are your cheap pubs with cheap food which generally turn into “night clubs” on a Friday night and can be full of loutish folk who drink too much (because more of a trend in your middle aged folk).
If you can find a nice pub, on the right day and at the right time, pub going is best thing ever.

Brew, cuppa, rosie lea, tea. The great British drink that did in fact originated in China. Got to love the Empire for something, eh? I love my tea. It keeps me fuelled. Obviously, there are different kind of teas. My favourite is standard pg tips tea, earl grey and peppermint tea. I cannot stand liquorice tea. It is vile! Stay away from that one.
But yes. Tea. Best. Drink. Ever! I actually am sipping a bucket full of a tea now. ^_^

Cadbury World:
Cadbury world is amazing place from what I remember. But I haven’t been there in years.
Cadbury world is museum/experience/attraction which is latched onto the Cadbury factory in Bournville. It’s a really nifty place.
I had many a birthdays there.
You get to learn about the history of chocolate, cadbury and Bournville. You also get to try chocolate of all kinds, even the way the Incas had it. (Well they did when I was there). If you are ever in the Birmingham area, well if you are there soon, I would go before it comes “Kraft Land”

Ok. Maybe this wasn’t the best, but I gave it a go.
Aspicio, I hope it’s enlightened you a little. Remember you can always ask me questions about Britain lol.
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Bye for now.