Day 26, your week in detail.

Ok, so my week has been a bit blurred because I’ve been ill with cold, then flu, then cold again.
I’ve been in pain with the flu. The aches added to my normal pain that I have in my knee so you can kind of guess it sucked.
I did my weekly driving lesson on monday which is eventful as usual. I did my weekly education volunteering on tuesday which was full of Β bratty noisy kids with the attention span of a gnat. On wednesday, I went to solihull even though I was in pain. I couldn’t cope be cooped up in bed. On thursday, I slept in and went to the cinema to see Green Zone. I didn’t think much of it. I got quite bored. Friday…. what did I do friday? I actually cannot remember. I think there was pizza involved. Saturday I worked, 10-415. We had a paper jam half way through a 700ish print order which was so much fun to rectify. *sarcasm* Sunday, you can read about by clicking here. Today, I had my driving lesson and went to Akamba where dad bought me a scarf and keyring. πŸ™‚

That’s my week.


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Day 26 β€” Your week, in great detail
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