Day 25, your day in great detail

Ok. My day.
I spent most of it at Jessops.
I got up after an hour of ignoring the alarm, ate cereal and got dressed. Then the rents took me to work via Tesco express to buy food and papers. I got to work at half 10, I didn’t start work till 11 though as I needed to do some scanning and printing for my photo album project I’m working on. I made tea. Can’t start a shift without a cup of tea. Once my printing job was doing, I changed for work.
I started work at 11 by packing some prints and printing some more orders. Then the usual drag of the day filled with people coming in with their memory cards full of their captured moments and vouchers for 50 free 6x4s on the next day service which they carefully cut out of the Daily Express and people coming in with queries about cameras and buying cameras and the extra bits you need to make them work, began. It was your average sunday at Jessops. We hit all targets. I hit 2 out the 4 personal targets.
A customer turned up about 10 minutes before we were due to close and started talking to me about bridge cameras. He ended up being here till after we closed (about 5:20 to guess at the time) but he did buy £430odd of camera so we cannot grumble. Then me and Andy did the usual sunday paperwork. I didn’t have to stay, but I kinda like helping with the paperwork and having a random chat about everything and nothing with Andy is always a good thing.
We finally got out the shop at 7 after having fun making sure we hit target and just making sure everything is done that we could do. We then did the trek to the carpark where Andy’s car was (he was very kind and dropped me home). We continued to talk the randomness we talk on the walk and the drive home.
I got in at half 7 after waving bye to Andy. I chatted to mum while I put the photos in my album then I warmed up my chicken dinner (which is nummy).
I have been sat in front of the tv while reading and surfing the net.
I updated various websites and started writing this.
I am on my 3rd cup of tea since I got home and my 5th of the day. I rarely function without tea.
I’m going to play on my DS and continued to half watch the TV.

I’m going to end it here because there’s nothing else to say.
Good night Internet.


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