Day 17, an art piece.

Well, I could show you a piece of my own stuff, but you can see all of that by clicking here.

But what I am going to show one of my favourite artists.
His name is Joseph Beuys. When he was in the Luffwaffe, he was in a plane crash and was reportedly saved by Tatar tribesmen who wrapped his broken body in animal fat and felt and the felt and animal fat became a main feature in his pieces.
My favourite piece is “I like america and America likes me” (1974)

This was one of his groundbreaking pieces that got him known in the USA. He was brought to the room from the airport via ambulance and was carried into the room on a stretcher covered in felt where spent 8hrs over 3 days in the room with a wild coyote. He stood wrapped in felt and carried a cane at times, other times he lay on straw and watched the coyote. At the end of the 3 days, the coyote had become tolerant of Beuys enough to let him hug it. After the 3 days, Beuys was carried out of the room on the stretcher and was take to the airport in the ambulance. He reportedly explained “I wanted to isolate myself, insulate myself, see nothing of America other than the coyote”. I’m not usually one for performance art, but this one just struck something in me for some reason. It’s just amazing how something visually beautiful could come out of a man dressed in felt and a coyote.

I was privileged enough to see his installation work at the Tate (it’s well over 5 years ago now) and it was just spectacular. I did a project based on him and his work as part of my GCSE art course, can’t remember the grade now, but it was good.

But yes, the list asked for an art piece, so there you go.

source: 1, 2, my memory


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