Day 8, a photo that makes you angry/sad

Why does a photo of a happy looking protest make me angry/sad? Well it’s the reason behind the protest. Kraft taking over cadbury, it makes me sad. They promised to keep jobs, they’re going. They made promises they couldn’t keep. They’re just going to make things go pooey. I know the first lot of job losses were happening because it was put into motion before Kraft took over, but they promised to keep them, but realised they couldn’t.
It’s one more thing that Britain has lost to the overseas businesses. I know in today’s market, mergers are needed to keep companies going. But mergers should really help to keep things going/keep jobs not mean job losses and companies closing. But that’s just my little world isn’t it? Real world sucks. I bet Mr Cadbury is crying wherever he is.
But yes, this photo makes me angry/sad because no matter how hard they were fought, Kraft still took over Cadbury and people are being put out of work.


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