There is never an original idea anymore.
Everywhere is becoming an altered version of everywhere else.
Bebo is myspace, myspace is facebook, facebook is twitter. It’s a bit boring.

I gave up on myspace a while back cause facebook was, and I strongly emphasise the was, better. Now facebook is just, well retarded (fan/groups/live feed) and hard to follow sometimes. It’s nice to have to keep in contact with people I know (say if I don’t have numbers/emails etc) but it is getting tiresome. I’m mainly using twitter atm as tbh, it’s a lot easier to follow and still keeps me amused.

But then there’s tumblr.
I like tumblr, don’t get me wrong. But it is starting to get on my tits a bit of late.
Reasons why:

  • It glitches so much. There’s so many bugs in it recently, it’s ridiculous. If it’s not dissappearing posts, it’s the “HA 500” error screen and if it’s not that, it’s showing people you’ve unfollowed (who you unfollowed for a reason)
  • It keeps adding new features. Why is that a bad thing? 9/10 they’ve been put online before they’re completely glitch free. It’s nice to have new things to make things a little more interesting, but make sure they work properly first?
  • Some of the new features just add to the clutter there already is on the site. It doesn’t make things very pleasing to the eye.
  • As well as the horrible things caused by tumblr itself, the people can be right bitchy twats which can make the whole experience of tumblr unenjoyable.

Tumblr, in my view, is supposed to be a blogging site with added communication with the people who follow you/you follow.
But with it’s recent cocking up and being a pain the behind, I’m oh so very close to knocking it on the head.

I love the internet as it does provide me with inspiration and amusement from time to time.
But the places where I interact with fellow internet users is starting to bug me and I may just cut down on my uses of those sites in the hope that leaving things for a while, they may just right themselves in someway (which will basically be that I will be gone so long that they change things which makes the site seem that it’s righted itself).

I do love wordpress.
I like the fact that it is (for me anyway) not very social. It’s just a place I can just write and write and maybe have a few people read what I’ve written and possibly comment on.

Anyway. Moan about the internet over.