I’ve been seeing a lot of people doing photography projects called 365.
Simple thing of a photo a day for a year.
I’ve wanted to do it for a while, but I was being a little “ocd” about starting it part way through a year.
So decided to wait till January 1st.

So New Years Day came and I started to take photos to find the right one to kick start the project.
I think I settled on a shot of my eyes because my eyes tend to be the first thing that jumps out at people in photographs, and the favourite part of me is my eyes.

My 365 isn’t just going to be photos of my face/full body shots. I will take those kind of photos, because it’s a 365 of me, so I should be seen. But it will more than likely they will be related to me in the way that day 2 is. Showing a part of me that sometimes is hard to know/see  by just looking at me.

I hope to keep it going and not miss a day. Although august might be hard as I’m going away for two weeks with possible lack of internet connection/ability to upload photographs. But I will work around that.

Anyway, enough explaination, here is the link:

365 days of Li