This year, for me has been very up and down.
I had a lot of crap things happen to me, but I learnt a lot about myself and a few great things have happened too.

A lot of people seem to have had a crappy 2009.
(The next bit is a mini brief as I’m too tired to go into full detail and I shall be here for days. And unless you’ve been living under a rock, you should know what I’m going on about)

We lost a hell of a lot of good people this year, those in the public eye and those a little more closer to home.
Britain lost a hell of a lot of soldiers this year, 107 is the figure that I can find. It is 107 too many.

Also a lot of companies went down the pan this year due to the Recession. Such a shame.

There was a lot of horrible situations shown in the news this year too.

This year was a bit pants.

But there was a lot of wonderful things that kind of made up for the crappiness of 2009.

But anyway. As I know many of you will say.

BRING ON 2010!!

Happy New Year!!