It always happens.
Every December, around the end of the 1st week and beginning of the second, I sit down and start to wrap the random things I have bought my family/friends for Christmas and I always end up covered in tiny bits of cellotape from my over cutting and skewiffly pulling of the tape as well as surrounded by wrapping paper cut offs.
But I love it! It’s one of my favourite parts of Christmas, even if I moan about it at the time.
I love to give to people. I love seeing if what I get people, is liked.
I give all year-round to charities when I see a person with a tin/tin on a till/charity stall. So don’t think my loving to give is just material.
I love writing Christmas cards even though I HATE my handwriting.
I just love this side of Christmas.
Hell, I just love Christmas.
What I don’t like though, is the retail world at Christmas where Christmas can start at Easter and the POS/decorations go up  and the music goes on in October. That just sucks. I refuse to do anything Christmassy till December.
Anyway. That’s my post for today as I have forgotten what else I wanted to write.

Merry Christmas!