The word “frack” is probably one of my favourite swear word substitutions. There are some words which I think should not be heard and are quite easily substituted with another and still give the same effect.

I’m not saying I don’t use those words because I have moments where I need to let it all out uncensored but I think censoring should be practised.

Main reason: You never know when impressionable youths are around. I do not like hearing swears coming out of people under the age of 15 and even worse, under the age of 12. I never learnt my first swear till I was 13/14 and even then I never used it.
I think it makes children sound rude and makes me feel like they have no innocence. Children are loosing  it too early I feel. (But that’s for another rant)
Also, very, very young children, once they hear something, they tend to repeat it over and over and don’t understand why it’s bad.

Another reason: It can make you seem unintelligent (well to me) if every other word is f***, s***, c*** etc. If you use a different word for what you want to say, it sounds better.

I’m probably sounding like such an old-fashioned woman and I bet you imagine me saying “poppycock” and “oh bugger” but it’s just something I believe in.

I’m going to end this post now.
Hope you enjoyed the read and hope you understand what I mean by this.

Bye for now!