Today was day 3 of my 9 day week at work. My next day off is Friday the 11th.

I’m already feeling tired. Was late to work due to shitty traffic and shitty police coordination at a site of an incident. Grrr at the drivers of the world. What I can gather somebody (or bodies) didn’t maneuver the roundabout properly and it appears a cyclist was involved too as I saw a police officer carry a bike to the side of the road.

Anyway, the first part of this post to have a mini rant about Britain and it’s reaction to weather. A teeny tiny bit of frost on the road and traffic comes to a standstill and people loose the ability to drive. I was having my driving lesson the other day when we had the really bad frost (worse than today), I drove past an incident where I’m assuming it was a bad overtake and both people ended up using a ditch to break. Then on my way to work that same day (actually only one road down from today’s incident) a motorcyclist got knocked off his bike by a van.  And I also spent most my lesson crawling in traffic. Helped my clutch control though! 🙂
Then today! Oh today, the traffic was just awful. Also that accident (don’t know what exactly happened). The frost was less than the other day but people were still such arses on the road.
I know when it’s icy, you need to take into account longer breaking times etc. but come on! It doesn’t mean you have to become slow and stupid! I’m a learner and I can probably drive better than some people who have been licensed for years. I don’t mean to sound big headed, but I watch some people drive and I think, how the hell did you pass.

Right enough about driving.
After getting to work late, I got on with sorting the lab as I always do and serving customers. Oh I work for Jessops by the way. I managed to get a photo+ today (accidental damage cover on cameras) which is rarity for me as I’m always doing lab and DNP. I also managed to get some maintenance done on the printer today. *Note to self, sign the sheet tomorrow* And I also rearranged the stock room AGAIN! I wish people would keep things tidy.
I’m about to work on my audio post for my not so wordy blog which you can find by clicking here.

I’m not sure what else I can write about today, so I will leave it at that.
Have a good evening everyone ^_^